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Demix Update September 2017
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Contributions for September newsletter:   

Submit your article about IPM/RSKM (*Integrated Project Management / Risk Management) for next month's Demix Update Issue. Congratulations to Mutsumi Komuro who had most views for their August 2017 article entitled An Explanation Model for Process Improvement Effect of Peer Reviews.

Send your Articles / Presentations / Tools to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ';document.getElementById('cloak624ca6111c7426bd03471aaf4b8e4642').innerHTML += ''+addy_text624ca6111c7426bd03471aaf4b8e4642+'<\/a>';                            

Articles - OPD/OPF/OT

*(Organizational Process Definition/Organizational Process Focus/Organizational Training)
Presentation: (OPD) Organizational Process Definition (OPD) Presented by Richard Marks for Intermediate Concepts of CMMI®

https://seir.sei.cmu.edu: Importance of OPD
• Establishing and maintaining a usable set of organizational process assets is the purpose of OPD – Process Assets include the Organization’s Set of Standard Processes (OSSP), which the projects tailor from -- to create their “Defined” set of processes. – Process Assets also include the process architectures, process elements, approved life-cycle models, guidelines and criteria for tailoring, the measurement repository, and the process asset library.
• Cannot move from Level 2 (Managed) to Level 3 (Defined) and above without OPD in place [Continuous or Staged Representation]
• Supports an organization’s vision and business objectives by providing efficiencies for program startup and consistency across programs
Presentation: (OPF) Two tiered Organization Process Focus Implementation , The Israel Aircraft Industries Case by Itzhak Lavi, Michael Winokur, Shlomo Glick.

https://seir.sei.cmu.edu: l Background l IAI SPIP Organization & Structure l Technology Transfer l OPF Implementation l Collaboration between SPIP Program Office and Divisions’ SEPGs l The CDSD Example l Conclusions
Presentation: (OT) Stock Up for Your Shining Business Development-Building Learning Organization by Xianli Chen .

https://seir.sei.cmu.eduNeusoft – The Story of Developing People  The largest IT solutions & services provider in China, originating from Northeastern University (NEU)in Shenyang, China
 Starting from class room with 3 people, 3 computers, and $4000
 More than 18,000 employees around the world.
 First software company listed on the stock exchange in China 1996
 Top market shares in the sectors of telecom, social insurance, electricity, health care, and network security in China
 Set up 6 software bases, 8 regional headquarters, and a comprehensive marketing & service network in over 40 cities across China.
 On the global marketplace, Neusoft have subsidiaries in the United States, Japan, Europe and Middle East.

 Understand how to best define technical training
 Learn about differentiators of technical training
 Get a cost picture of technical training
 Review reporting intricacies
 Learn about signs of diminishing value
 Discuss other challenges and opportunities
Article: (MCM) MCM for Compliance © Demix 2017 by Dr. Pieter van Zyl

What will you tell your board, if they ask how strong your compliance function is?

Use the MCM for Compliance © Demix 2017 to appraise the strength of your compliance function.

The model covers three tiers of best practices

·        GACP:  Is the Compliance Institute Southern Africa’s Generally Accepted Compliance Practice framework.

·         QAR: Additional Quality Assurance Review practices focusing on efficiency and effectiveness.

·         Capability and Maturity: Building, structuring and extending the GACP and QAR best practices into a Capability Maturity Model architecture.

Click here to download the Full MCM Compliance Tool PDF version (have to log in)

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Click here to subscribe to the full MCM for Compliance model tool (ready for immediate use).

Click here to request training on the MCM for Compliance and tool.

Click here to request and External Appraisal for your company against the MCM for Compliance.

Article: (CMMI) Which CMMI® Institute Model Will Take Your Organization to the Next Level? by CMMI Institute
www.cmmiinstitute.com - Discover Which CMMI® Institute Model Will Take Your Organization to the Next Level!

CMMI Institute models help identify and improve the key capabilities that elevate your organization's performance, quality, and profitability. Many times in business, the problem or solution is not so obvious. With proven best practices, CMMI Institute models allow you to see how your organization's existing processes measure up and where performance improvements are needed. The result? 
Downloads: ( OPD/OPF/OT )  
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