Demix Update November 2017
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Submit your article about REQM/RD (*Requirements Management / Requirements Development) for next month's Demix Update Issue. Congratulations to Rick Barbour & Charlie Ryan who had most views for their October 2017 article entitled People floating in Cyberspace, a multi-model approach for addressing an organization’s CYBER processes and staffing needs #2640.

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Special Noticed Presentations and Articles

Article: (MCM) MCM for Compliance © Demix 2017 by Dr. Pieter van Zyl
What will you tell your board, if they ask how strong your compliance function is?

Use the MCM for Compliance © Demix 2017 to appraise the strength of your compliance function.

The model covers three tiers of best practices

·        GACP:  Is the Compliance Institute Southern Africa’s Generally Accepted Compliance Practice framework.

·         QAR: Additional Quality Assurance Review practices focusing on efficiency and effectiveness.

·         Capability and Maturity: Building, structuring and extending the GACP and QAR best practices into a Capability Maturity Model architecture.

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Articles - DAR

DAR (*Decision Analysis and Resolution)
Presentation: (DAR) Decision Analysis and Resolution (DAR) - A Small Organization Multi-Process Workflow by Jose Abiles Agenda
Organization Context
The Challenge
Establishing Discipline
The Processes
Common Ground
Putting Them All Together
Presentation: (DAR) Leveraging the benefits of DAR  by Tim Taylor and Kim Genberg. Booz Allen Hamilton
Our Mission
Booz Allen Hamilton partners with clients to solve their most important and complex
problems, making their mission our mission and delivering results that endure

What We Bring
Expertise, objectivity, and the capabilities of exceptional people—combined with the
institutional experience of helping clients succeed for more than 90 years

What Distinguishes Us
Booz Allen …
… combines a consultant’s unique problem-solving orientation
… with deep technical knowledge and strong execution
… to help clients achieve success in their critical missions

Presentation: (DAR) How we do it here – Selecting Alternatives by Darrick A. Killen, P.Eng Every decision, whether it is at home or at the workplace, is simply a choice between options.

Presentation: (DAR) Decision Analysis and Resolution by Neetu Choudhary Agenda
DAR- “Decision Analysis and Resolution” Overview
 Entry Criteria
 Inputs
 Tasks

• Establish Evaluation Criteria
• Identify Alternatives
• Select Evaluation Method
• Evaluate Alternative
• Select Alternatives
 Output
 Exit Criteria
 DAR Techniques
 QMS – DAR Management
Presentation: (DAR) DAR: Appraisal is Coming,... No Trade Studies Anywhere,...
Now What?
 by Diane Mizukami (Williams)
ƒ What is DAR
ƒ What can be used What can be used instead of trade studies
ƒ How to apply each specific and generic practice

Article: (CMMI) Which CMMI® Institute Model Will Take Your Organization to the Next Level? by CMMI Institute - Discover Which CMMI® Institute Model Will Take Your Organization to the Next Level!

CMMI Institute models help identify and improve the key capabilities that elevate your organization's performance, quality, and profitability. Many times in business, the problem or solution is not so obvious. With proven best practices, CMMI Institute models allow you to see how your organization's existing processes measure up and where performance improvements are needed. The result? 
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