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CMMI Articles/Presentations - DAR

DAR *Decision Analysis and Resolution

Definition of - DAR

(DAR) *Decision Analysis and ResolutionSummary

The purpose of Decision Analysis and Resolution (DAR) (CMMI-DEV) is to analyze possible decisions using a formal evaluation process that evaluates identified alternatives against established criteria.

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Introducing CMMI® Development V2.0

The CMMI® is an integrated set of best practices that improve performance and key capabilities for any organization that wants to develop better products, components, and services.


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Article: (DAR) DECISION ANALYSIS AND RESOLUTION PROCESS By a client of The Process Group

One of the Process Areas (PA’s) in the CMMI* is Decision Analysis and Resolution (DAR). This PA is intended to ensure that critical decisions are made in a systematic way and to provide a record of the decision made. In this article we share (with permission) a process definition from one of our clients used to implement DAR as part of their CMMI Level 3 rating. The process has been trimmed and revised for this newsletter article. A full version can be found at www.processgroup.com/DAR-process-v1.doc.

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Article: (CMMI) Improving Capability and Performance With CMMI V2.0 — What Has Changed? by Neil Potter and Mary Sakry, The Process Group.


In March 2018, a new version of the Capability Maturity Model Integrated (CMMI) and appraisal method were released that can be used starting in 2019. This article summarizes the changes and upcoming milestones. The overall focus in V2.0 has been to drive home the point that the model is about improving organizational capability to improve performance for any type of project (Agile, Waterfall, or a hybrid).

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SCRUM Articles/Presentations - DAR

DAR *Decision Analysis and Resolution

Article: (DAR) What drives quality: Operational Management by Ben Linders.

The series on “What Drives Quality” describes both technical activities and supporting activities; this one describes how Operational Management drives quality. Understanding what drives quality enables you to take action before problems actually occur, thus saving time and money.

Ben Linders is an Independent Consultant in Agile, Lean, Quality, and Continuous Improvement, based in The Netherlands. Author of Getting Value out of Agile RetrospectivesWaardevolle Agile RetrospectivesWhat Drives Quality and Continuous Improvement. Creator of the Agile Self-assessment Game.

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Article: (DAR) DAR – How to find a better option when you have multiple solutions for a given problem? by Sandeep Jain

“You must choose … but choose wisely”   Your decisions play a critical to make or break your future. The company you choose, the girl or guy you marry, the house you buy, the career option you choose. Isn’t it a great idea to have a tool or intelligent mechanism to make the life easy which would help you to choose the best possible decision based on some real facts rather than some random decision?

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COBIT Articles/Presentations - DAR

DAR *Decision Analysis and Resolution


Information technology (IT) has become an indispensable element for success for many organisations, including public sector organisations, as their dependency on IT to support, sustain, and drive the achievement of strategic objectives intensifies. With this increase of their reliance on IT and the associated growth of IT expenditure, the notion of IT governance has become an increasingly common and prominent ideal to ensure prudent and value-based investment in IT. With the need to
establish effective IT governance, the demand for proven support methods grows. Specifically, best-practice models for the governance of IT are beginning to gain awareness and acceptance as they provide guidance to further promote and achieve effective IT governance. In particular, the Control Objectives for Information and Related Technology (COBIT) reference model is increasingly being discussed and has been widely accepted as the framework of choice for IT governance.

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Article: (DAR) DAR Basics: Applying Decision Analysis and Resolution in the Real World by Bill Phifer.

Are you Ready for Something New?
Volunteers Wanted For Hazardous Journey into DAR Small wages. Paltry rations. 40 minutes of intense thinking. Much unknown. Constant danger. Route unclear. Continual frustration. Normal return doubtful. No sleeping.

Bill Phifer

Six Sigma Articles/Presentations - DAR

DAR *Decision Analysis and Resolution

Article: (DAR) Six Sigma and CMMI by Neema Merlin Rodrigues & Anasuya K Lingappa.

I. Introduction
A mission success requires multiple approaches. There are too many competing initiatives for software quality improvement. All improvement initiatives should be implemented in an integrated fashion, not as layered or stove piped efforts and the results should be set of organizational processes used by everyone.
There is a Chinese proverb 'if you don't know where you are going any road will do'. So if we want to
achieve success, we should have a specified path. Or else, any road will do. Watts Humphrey says that 'if you don't know where you are, a map won't help'. So after finding the path to follow to succeed from the map, we should know exactly where we are currently. Otherwise there is no use of map. This makes it clear that the company should know its current situation and then find the right path to follow to be successful in the market in long run.

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AI - Articles/Presentations - DAR

DAR *Decision Analysis and Resolution

Article: (AI) Hurdles On The Road To Artificial General Intelligence by Pierre Pinna.

Deep Learning and generally Machine Learning seems to have reached their limits. Indeed, these techniques are based on recognizing patterns by training with Datas (generally Big Data)… and that’s the problem: on a large number of trials, Deep Learning and well-trained AI entities have a huge percentage of success… but what about on a single case? There, the AI can make big mistakes that 5 years old children would not do!

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Article: (AI) O'Reilly machine learning survey: Enterprises aim for maturity by  Nicole Laskowski.

New survey findings by O'Reilly Media Inc. suggest enterprise machine learning is on the road to maturity.
The report's authors, Ben Lorica, chief data scientist at O'Reilly, and Paco Nathan, a data science and machine learning expert, set out to answer basic enterprise adoption questions, such as how companies are using machine learning and how far along companies are toward enterprise-wide use.

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Article: (AI) Introduction to Machine Learning for Coders: Launch by Jeremy Howard

Today we’re launching our newest (and biggest!) course, Introduction to Machine Learning for Coders. The course, recorded at the University of San Francisco as part of the Masters of Science in Data Science curriculum, covers the most important practical foundations for modern machine learning. There are 12 lessons, each of which is around two hours long—a list of all the lessons along with a screenshot from each is at the end of this post. 

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