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April 2019 Issue
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Contributions for April Issue of The Best Practice Magazine:   

Submit your article about *REQUIREMENTS DEVELOPMENT AND MANAGEMENT (RDM) & PEER REVIEWS (PR)  for next month's Issue of The Best Practice Magazine. Congratulations to Jim Greene who had most views for his March 2019 article entitled, Quantitative Software Management: QSM Analysis of the July 2017 TECHNICAL REPORT CMU/SEI-2017-TR-004.
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CMMI Articles/Presentations - SAM

*Supplier Agreement Management (SAM)

Definition of - SAM

*Supplier Agreement Management



The purpose of Supplier Agreement Management (SAM) (CMMI-DEV) is to manage the acquisition of products and services from suppliers.

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Introducing CMMI® Development V2.0

The CMMI® is an integrated set of best practices that improve performance and key capabilities for any organization that wants to develop better products, components, and services.


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Article: (SAM) What is Supplier Management? Here’s a Primer by Sydney Lazarus.


This may seem like a ridiculously simple question whose answer comes embedded in the term itself (“Managing suppliers!”), but it can be tricky. Supplier management is a broad term, and it has become ever broader in its evolution from a post-contract area to include also strategy and planning and other pre-contract activities. In other words, supplier management has become supplier lifecycle management.

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Article: (SAM) Using the Putnam Parametric Software LIfeCycle Model: SLIM by Jim Greene, Managing Director QSM Ltd, email; This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


QSM Software Supplier Agreement Management: An SEI-ACQ assessment for the US General Accounting Office (GAO) highlights the shortcomings found when assessing  the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) software dependent system acquisitions. The Software Engineering Institute Acquisition (SEI-CMMI-ACQ) maturity requirements were used to identify the capability of the FAA to acquire software based Air Traffic Control (ATC) systems. The paper shows how the SEI-ACQ requirements are met using software methods and metrics throughout the acquisition process and the subsequent development. This includes quantifying and managing risk as well as quality.

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Supplier Relationship Management or SRM is a systematic and segmented supplier management approach with the goal of cutting cost and boosting profit.

Contract Management is one of the most important tasks of Supplier Relationship Management.

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SCRUM Articles/Presentations - SAM

*Supplier Agreement Management (SAM)

Article: (SAM) Scrum and Fixed Price Contracts by Scrumology by Robert McIntosh.

Kane Mar - Co-founder and principal consultant.


In an environment where clients are only given one shot at getting the product they want, it makes sense to define your requirements
A: Giraffe!
Q: How many surrealists does it take to change a lightbulb?
This difference is paradigm is best explained by one of my favorite jokes from many years ago …
Fixed Priced contracts don’t make a great deal of sense in a Scrum world. This is really because traditional software development and Agile software development are two different paradigms … and solutions that work in one paradigm often doesn’t make sense in another.
upfront, and to then manage any risk by putting a dollar limit on the cost.

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COBIT Articles/Presentations - SAM

*Supplier Agreement Management (SAM)

Six Sigma Articles/Presentations - SAM

*Supplier Agreement Management (SAM)

Article: (SAM) Using Six Sigma for Supply Chain Management by Suvo.


Nowadays it is very important for the companies to professionally manage its supply chain to stay ahead of competition. Six Sigma methodologies can be used for supply chain management (SCM) to get substantial improvement in supply chain quality.

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AI - Articles/Presentations - SAM

*Supplier Agreement Management (SAM)



Up until recently, artificial intelligence (AI) was just another new buzzword I was seeing all over Twitter, Facebook, and pretty much every major publication. What came to mind when I would hear about AI was robots making my venti coffee at Starbucks (stay tuned I have a feeling about this one). What I didn't realize is that I was already using AI in my everyday life. Anyone heard of a miss Siri? How about those product recommendations on Amazon or Google’s language translator? Not only does AI play a role on my Amazon Prime membership but it is also making its way into my workplace.

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Best Practice Services

PMO Health Checks


dev 1CSVC 1C

Two forms of Health Check are offered the Silver Appraisal (SCAMPI B) and Gold Appraisal (SCAMPI A).

Both are led by a Certified CMMI® Lead Appraiser supported by trained Appraisal Team Members.

The primary difference between the two types of Health Check is the level of rigor and the fact that the SCAMPI A Appraisal can provide a Capability Level for each of the PMO Process Area in scope, the results can also be published on the CMMI® Institute PARS Site (Published Appraisal Results) if required.

The key deliverable 
being a report highlighting strengths and opportunities for improvement. This can optionally be expanded into a comprehensive PMO Improvement Plan the implementation of which can be supported by DEMIX Consultants if required.

If your PMO is not adding the value you expected then perform a DEMIX PMO Health Check to find out why!

To find out more or register interest contact Stephen Woods via the email below:

Stephen Woods 

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Tools & Models

Contact us at

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for more info on training and assessments.

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Attention all Lead appraisers

Send us an email with Subject: Appraisal Plan and we will send you the Demix Appraisal Plan.XLSX tool. It provides wonderful features to simplify your appraisal planning.

Send your emails to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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