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Submit your article about REQM/RD for next month's issue of The Demix Best Practice Magazine. Congratulations to Kristina Sandaraite who had most views for her August 2019 article entitled, Integrating Project Management into a Six Sigma System.
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CMMI Articles/Presentations - DAR
*Decision Analysis and Resolution

Definition of - DAR
*Decision Analysis and Resolution

The purpose of Decision Analysis and Resolution (DAR) (CMMI-DEV) is to analyze possible decisions using a formal evaluation process that evaluates identified alternatives against established criteria.

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Introducing CMMI® Development V2.0

The CMMI® is an integrated set of best practices that improve performance and key capabilities for any organization that wants to develop better products, components, and services.


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One of the Process Areas (PA’s) in the CMMI* is Decision Analysis and Resolution (DAR). This PA is intended to ensure that critical decisions are made in a systematic way and to provide a record of the decision made. In this article, we share (with permission) a process definition from one of our clients used to implement DAR as part of their CMMI Level 3 rating. The process has been trimmed and revised for this newsletter article. A full version can be found at www.processgroup.com/DAR-process-v1.doc. 

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Volunteers Wanted For Hazardous Journey into DAR
Small wages. Paltry rations. 40 minutes of intense
thinking. Much unknown. Constant danger. Route
unclear. Continual frustration. Normal return doubtful.
No sleeping.

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When starting an IT project, sometimes one of the first tasks is to choose the best technical solution for the effort. The IT landscape is always changing and with those changes come a variety of tools and technologies. Whether the project involves software development, a database migration or a complete infrastructure overhaul, deciding on a technology or a technical solution can sometimes be challenging.

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SCRUM Articles/Presentations - DAR
*Decision Analysis and Resolution


“You must choose … but choose wisely”   Your decisions play a critical to make or break your future. The company you choose, the girl or guy you marry, the house you buy, the career option you choose. Isn’t it a great idea to have a tool or intelligent mechanism to make the life easy which would help you to choose the best possible decision based on some real facts rather than some random decision?

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COBIT Articles/Presentations - DAR
*Decision Analysis and Resolution



Information technology (IT) has become an indispensable element for success for many organisations, including public sector organisations, as their dependency on IT to support, sustain, and drive the achievement of strategic objectives intensifies. With this increase of their reliance on IT and the associated growth of IT expenditure, the notion of IT governance has become an increasingly common and prominent ideal to ensure prudent and value-based investment in IT. With the need to
establish effective IT governance, the demand for proven support methods grows. Specifically, best-practice models for the governance of IT are beginning to gain awareness and acceptance as they provide guidance to further promote and achieve effective IT governance. In particular, the Control Objectives for Information and Related Technology (COBIT) reference model is increasingly being discussed and has been widely accepted as the framework of choice for IT governance.

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Six Sigma Articles/Presentations - DAR
*Decision Analysis and Resolution

Decision Management easily integrates with Six Sigma, simplifying business processes and creating entry points to apply business rules and predictive analytics for powerful business improvements.

Pioneered by Motorola in the 1980s, Six Sigma (6σ) is an official quality management program designed to reduce defects below 3.4 per million opportunities. Implemented correctly, a Six Sigma program is data-driven in order to implement consistent, repeatable business processes. Six Sigma measures processes and understands where potential defects are — it identifies inefficiencies. Similarly, Decision Management also uses data, and the analysis of this data, to help
enterprises maximize revenues, minimize costs, and improve processes.

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AI - Articles/Presentations - DAR
*Decision Analysis and Resolution


Artificial Intelligence (AI) and machine learning have gained significant momentum over the past few years; businesses from all industries continue to embrace the technology at rapid rates, adoption stands to increase even further. More and more companies are beginning to see the positive impacts that this technology can bring to a company. In fact, Gartner predicts that by 2020, 85 percent of all customer interactions will be managed without a human.

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From The Terminator to Blade Runner, pop culture has always leaned towards a chilling depiction of artificial intelligence (AI) and our future with AI at the helm. Recent headlines about Facebook panicking because their AI bots developed a language of their own have us hitting the alarm button once again. Should we really feel unsettled with an AI future?

News flash: that future is here. If you ask Siri, the helpful assistant who magically lives inside your phone, to read text messages and emails to you, find the nearest pizza place or call your mother for you, then you’ve made AI a part of your everyday life. Even current weather forecasting systems, spam filtering programs, and Google’s search engine – among so many other practical applications – are AI-powered. Now, artificial intelligence doesn’t seem that alarming, right?

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Best Practice Services

PMO Health Checks


dev 1CSVC 1C

Two forms of Health Check are offered the Silver Appraisal (SCAMPI B) and Gold Appraisal (SCAMPI A).

Both are led by a Certified CMMI® Lead Appraiser supported by trained Appraisal Team Members.

The primary difference between the two types of Health Check is the level of rigor and the fact that the SCAMPI A Appraisal can provide a Capability Level for each of the PMO Process Area in scope, the results can also be published on the CMMI® Institute PARS Site (Published Appraisal Results) if required.

The key deliverable 
being a report highlighting strengths and opportunities for improvement. This can optionally be expanded into a comprehensive PMO Improvement Plan the implementation of which can be supported by DEMIX Consultants if required.

If your PMO is not adding the value you expected then perform a DEMIX PMO Health Check to find out why!

To find out more or register interest contact Stephen Woods via the email below:

Stephen Woods 

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Tools & Models

Contact us at

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for more info on training and assessments.

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Attention all Lead appraisers

Send us an email with Subject: Appraisal Plan and we will send you the Demix Appraisal Plan.XLSX tool. It provides wonderful features to simplify your appraisal planning.

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