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Definition of - RDM (REQM/RD)
*Requirements Development and Management (RDM)

Requirements Management (REQM)
The purpose of Requirements Management (REQM) (CMMI-DEV) is to manage requirements of the project’s products and product components and to ensure alignment between those requirements and the project’s plans and work products.

Requirements Development (RD)
The purpose of Requirements Development (RD) (CMMI-DEV) is to elicit, analyze, and establish customer, product, and product component requirements.

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Introducing CMMI® Development V2.0

The CMMI® is an integrated set of best practices that improve performance and key capabilities for any organization that wants to develop better products, components, and services.


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CMMI Articles/Presentations - RDM (REQM/RD)
*Requirements Development and Management (RDM)



Across the software development industry, the goal that managers mostly care about is schedule. “Schedule is king” is the driving force.

The goal is usually communicated as, “Deliver it by mm/dd/yyyy,” with only a confusing or vague definition of what “it” is (see diagram). The manager is (kind of) happy because a deadline has been established. The team members might be initially happy because they see a lot of freedom and flexibility when building an “it.”

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CMMI is the standard of choice for many mature Software Engineering Organizations across the world and it is used extensively to benchmark and improve the Software Engineering Practices. In this article, we present a summary of how RMsis can potentially support the goals and practices laid out by CMMI; for Requirement Development and Requirement Management.
This document corresponds to Version 1.5.0 of RMsis and applies equally to CMMI V.1.2 and CMMI-DEV V.1.3

It is assumed that the following Products are installed on a Server, which is accessible to the entire Project / Product Team, depending upon the role of an individual.

Atlassian JIRA

Confluence Wiki from Atlassian (for Managing Documentation)
Note : Confluence is not essential, but is highly recommended, since it supports collaboration and close integration with JIRA ecosystem will be used in future versions of RMsis.

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SCRUM Articles/Presentations - RDM (REQM/RD)
*Requirements Development and Management (RDM)

Meaning of Scrum

The term "Scrum" is typically applied to a Rugby game in which three members of each team line up opposite each other with a group of two and three lined behind them with the emerging formation of eight players of each team into three-two-three ratio. The ball then is rolled between the opposing front lines; the players standing with arms around a teammate’s waist meet the opponents’ shoulder to shoulder and attempt to kick the ball backward to a teammate. The principle behind this is that each team tries to go the distance as a unit while passing the ball back and forth. The term is now used in the business management system which bases its operations on the current platform of scrum and requirements management.

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COBIT Articles/Presentations - RDM (REQM/RD)
*Requirements Development and Management (RDM)

It is common knowledge that building security into software is an important prerequisite for information assurance. Besides being 30 times cheaper to fix a defect in design versus fixing it after the fact, several IT control frameworks and regulations suggest or mandate the use of security requirements and design. Most auditors have a tough time assessing these controls due to a lack of artifact-based, available evidence, nor can they offer guidance to development teams on how to produce such evidence. Auditors generally rely on interview techniques and the existence of policies to make assessments. This approach leads to development teams downplaying the importance of, and often totally ignoring, security requirements and design, even though these controls are critical enough to warrant being part of several compliance frameworks.

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Six Sigma Articles/Presentations - RDM (REQM/RD)
*Requirements Development and Management (RDM)


The purpose of Six Sigma methodology is to improve the quality or value of a product or service. Using the voice of the customer (VOC) as the foundation of a quality improvement project is essential to Six Sigma because the customer is the one who defines the quality and value of a product or service. Successful quality improvement projects achieve cost savings and improved customer relations through an understanding of customer needs, wants and requirements.

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AI - Articles/Presentations - RDM (REQM/RD)
*Requirements Development and Management (RDM)


In this series, Julian Birkinshaw, Professor of Strategy and Entrepreneurship at London Business School, cuts through the hyperbole and scaremongering to explore the practical applications of artificial intelligence. 

How are companies actually using AI today? What practical problems is it solving? What are the challenges and opportunities?

What can AI do for your business?

Julian hosts Michael Davies, Visiting Lecturer for Strategy and Entrepreneurship at London Business School, and David Lancefield, Partner at Strategy&, for a conversation on what AI is and how it can be used to solve business problems. 

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"Our goal is to reduce certification costs by 30% and contribute to the promotion of Brazil as a country where state-of-the-art technology is developed."

The other day, reading an article, we realized an interesting fact. The article was about one of the first banks in the world to have the coexistence between artificial intelligence and people in the business environment. A Swedish bank deployed an IT Service Desk formed partly by people and partly by virtual agents (Artificial Intelligence), able to serve both account holders (external users) and employees (internal users).

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Best Practice Services

PMO Health Checks


dev 1CSVC 1C

Two forms of Health Check are offered the Silver Appraisal (SCAMPI B) and Gold Appraisal (SCAMPI A).

Both are led by a Certified CMMI® Lead Appraiser supported by trained Appraisal Team Members.

The primary difference between the two types of Health Check is the level of rigor and the fact that the SCAMPI A Appraisal can provide a Capability Level for each of the PMO Process Area in scope, the results can also be published on the CMMI® Institute PARS Site (Published Appraisal Results) if required.

The key deliverable 
being a report highlighting strengths and opportunities for improvement. This can optionally be expanded into a comprehensive PMO Improvement Plan the implementation of which can be supported by DEMIX Consultants if required.

If your PMO is not adding the value you expected then perform a DEMIX PMO Health Check to find out why!

To find out more or register interest contact Stephen Woods via the email below:

Stephen Woods 

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Tools & Models

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for more info on training and assessments.

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Attention all Lead appraisers

Send us an email with Subject: Appraisal Plan and we will send you the Demix Appraisal Plan.XLSX tool. It provides wonderful features to simplify your appraisal planning.

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