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Sustaining Habit & Persistence (SHP); GOV & II

This CA ensures that processes are persistent and habitually performed and sustained throughout the organization and effectively contribute to meeting business performance objectives.

Governance provides guidance to senior management on their role in ensuring work is performed in a way that is relevant and important to the business and organization.

Implementation Infrastructure provides a framework that ensures the process of an organization are persistently used and improved.


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Agile - Sustaining Habit & Persistence (SHP); GOV & II

Article: How to build and strengthen new Agile habits in your organization by Emiliano Soldi.

Agile definitely demonstrated to be the best approach for organizations to keep up with changes that happen due to economic, social or even health sudden new scenarios: companies are able to quicker and better adapt and proactively respond to disruptions. But, as for any changes, it is hard and it is not for free. It implies the acquisition of new competences, skills and behaviors, which should lead to new organizational processes, structures, models. How much does it cost to create new habits replacing the old one? What we can do to accelerate that process towards more agility?

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Management - Sustaining Habit & Persistence (SHP); GOV & II

Article: Competency Management by Valamis.


What is competency management?
Why is competency management important
Benefits to competency management
What is competency management?

Competency management is the practice of identifying the key skills necessary for an employee to reach target performance in their specific role, and then developing and optimizing those skills to best align with the business strategy of an organization.

When looking at the meaning of competency management, it is first helpful to look at competencies themselves.

Competencies are also known as skills, values or behaviors, and represent the ‘how this should be accomplished’ rather than the ‘what is the objective’ of a goal.

Having clearly defined competencies allows employees to know exactly what is expected of them and how they should accomplish their tasks. Examples of competencies are integrity, customer focus, safety or technical ability and more.

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Organizational change - Sustaining Habit & Persistence (SHP); GOV & II

Article:  What is Prescriptive Analytics? by Valamis.


Prescriptive Analytics Definition
What’s the difference between predictive analytics and prescriptive analytics?
How does prescriptive analytics work?
Examples of prescriptive analytics in online learning
Descriptive vs Predictive vs Prescriptive Analytics

Learning Analytics is not simply about collecting data from learners, but about finding meaning in the data in order to improve future learning.

To do this, learning analytics relies on a number of analytical methods: descriptive analytics, diagnostic analytics, predictive analytics, and prescriptive analytics.

Prescriptive Analytics Definition
Prescriptive analytics is a statistical method used to generate recommendations and make decisions based on the computational findings of algorithmic models.

For learning analytics, this could range from simple automated recommendations made to employees who are taking online training, to recommendations that indicate how instructors or course designers can improve the design of a course or program.

At present, prescriptive analytics is not widely used in the field of learning & development due to the complex requirements needed in the field of machine learning. It can be found in adaptive learning and also within some learning experience platforms (LXP).

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