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Presentation: (PPQA) How a Str...

https://seir.sei.cmu.edu: Issues
• Widespread suspicion of process
• No record of success in organisation process maturity, previous attempts to introduce process maturity were of limited success
• [ ... ]

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Presentation: (PPQA) Blending ...

https://seir.sei.cmu.edu: Agenda

*What is Inspection?
*Defect Detection - Comparison
*Case study
*Integrating inspections with Agile
*Integration with other Processes
*Conclusion   (Read more)

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Going Beyond “Checking the Box...

Presentation: (PPQA) PPQA – Going Beyond “Checking the Box” by Tim Taylor and Kim Genberg.

https://seir.sei.cmu.edu: Introduction
Do you want to just go through the motions of PPQA or do you t [ ... ]

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Presentation: (PPQA) Is There ...

https://seir.sei.cmu.edu: Topics
* Introductions
* Story time (Thrivent’s PPQA Story)
* Musings About Questions
* Who (Leveraging Great People)
* What (Designing Great Questions)
* How (Using Great Mechan [ ... ]

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Project Management Framework w...

https://seir.sei.cmu.edu: Agenda

• Introduction

• Context

– Introduction to Methodologies

– What is a Methodology?

– Benefits of an Effective Methodology

– Methodology Categories

• Overview of  [ ... ]

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Collaborative Project Manageme...

1. Introduction

A project management team is a group of individuals/functions working interdependently to achieve a common goal. Teamwork is cooperative effort by members of a team to achieve that comm [ ... ]

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Effective Project Management R...

  ‹Introduction to Project Management Review

‹PMR Effectiveness Analysis using QFD

‹Selected Improvement Areas

‹Improvement Strategy

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Design Effective Prediction Mo...


• Need for a custom specific approach • Deciding the QPPO (business objectives) • Building the model for development • Key factors for a model for development • Building the model  [ ... ]

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The Role of Expert Judgment in...

Original Article/Presentation   Today’s Talk

What are we trying to accomplish?

How we map the dynamics of software engineering research areas

The case of software estimation: An initial mapping

A bet [ ... ]

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Happy People Competition 2017 ...

  Demix believes it is a necessity to give back to our community!

It is our absolute joy to invest time, money and effort into people's lives through our annual "Happy People Drawing Competition."

Thi [ ... ]

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DAR: Appraisal is Coming,... N...

Presentation: (DAR) DAR: Appraisal is Coming,... No Trade Studies Anywhere,...Now What? by Diane Mizukami (Williams)

ƒ What is DAR
ƒ What can be used What can be used instea [ ... ]

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(DAR) Decision Analysis and Re...

Presentation: (DAR) Decision Analysis and Resolution by Neetu Choudhary

https://seir.sei.cmu.edu: Agenda
DAR- “Decision Analysis and Resolution” Overview
 Entry Criteria
 Inputs
 Tasks

• Esta [ ... ]

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(DAR) How we do it here – Sele...

Presentation: (DAR) How we do it here – Selecting Alternatives by Darrick A. Killen, P.Eng

https://seir.sei.cmu.edu: Every decision, whether it is at home or at the workplace, is simply a choice betw [ ... ]

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(DAR) Leveraging the benefits ...

Presentation: (DAR) Leveraging the benefits of DAR  by Tim Taylor and Kim Genberg.

https://seir.sei.cmu.edu: Booz Allen Hamilton
Our Mission
Booz Allen Hamilton partners with clients to solve their mo [ ... ]

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(DAR) Decision Analysis and Re...

Presentation: (DAR) Decision Analysis and Resolution (DAR) - A Small Organization Multi-Process Workflow by Jose Abiles

https://seir.sei.cmu.edu: Agenda

Organization Context

The Challenge

Establishing Dis [ ... ]

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Our CMMI Journey by Stephen Wo...

BT and NHS •Historically: BT has been a supplier of telephony to the NHS and other healthcare organisations
•Today: BT is a supplier to the National Programme for IT (NPfIT)
•The vision: BT to  [ ... ]

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Transport for London – Surfac...

Surface Transport
Buses, Cycling Events, River Crossing, Road Network, Traffic Controls,
Congestion Charges, Cycle Superhighways, Road over Rail Bridges, Tunnels.

Projects & Programmes Directorat [ ... ]

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UK IS & Change SEPG Europe T...

Over 15 Years experience of CMM and CMMI.  SCAMPI Lead Appraiser for DEV.  Led Appraisals and delivered training globally.  Led Multiple Organisations to Level 2 and 3.  Worked with Multiple [ ... ]

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“How We Do CMMI @ Your Favouri...


Stephen Woods

*Methods & Standards Manager responsible for:

CMMI Programme

Dot Net Standards Programme

IT Training

Process Assurance

* PPA CMMI/CMM Lead Assessor

* CMM Introduction and  [ ... ]

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Introducing Organisational cha...

The Brief
Typical statements made at the outset:

“I want a PMO that can challenge and add value”.

“I want a PMO that can provide me with the data to make informed decisions”.

“I want the PMO to  [ ... ]

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https://seir.sei.cmu.edu: OBJECTIVES
 Understand how to best define technical trainin [ ... ]

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Stock Up for Your Shining Busi...

Presentation: (OT) Stock Up for Your Shining Business Development-Building Learning Organization by Xianli Chen .

https://seir.sei.cmu.edu: Neusoft – The Story of Developing People  The largest [ ... ]

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Two tiered Organization Proces...

Presentation: (OPF) Two tiered Organization Process Focus Implementation , The Israel Aircraft Industries Case by Itzhak Lavi, Michael Winokur, Shlomo Glick.

https://seir.sei.cmu.edu: l Background  [ ... ]

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Organizational Process Definit...

https://seir.sei.cmu.edu: Importance of OPD
• Establishing and maintaining a usable set of organizational process assets is the purpose of OPD – Process Assets include the Organization’s Set o [ ... ]

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Article: (VAL/VER) An Explanat...

Article: (VAL/VER) An Explanation Model for Process Improvement Effect of Peer Reviews by Mutsumi Komuro

https://seir.sei.cmu.edu - • Explanation Model
Context of this research
• Exi [ ... ]

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Article: (VAL/VER) Case Study:...

Article: (VAL/VER) Case Study: Optimizing Software Technical Specifications Inspection Process in a Research and Development Environment by Fariha Motherudin and Wong Wai Tong

https://seir.sei.cmu.edu [ ... ]

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Article: (VAL/VER) Improving S...

Article: (VAL/VER) Improving Software Development Processes by Mordechai M. Wagschal

https://seir.sei.cmu.edu - *Largest industrial company in Israel
*Missiles, satellites, UAVs, avionics, upgrades, ra [ ... ]

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(VAL/VER) Peer Review - for De...

Article: (VAL/VER) Peer Review - for Defect Prevention, In-phase Process Improvement, and CMMI Primer by Accenture by Robert Sarlo

https://seir.sei.cmu.edu- *What is Quality?
*Why Peer Review?
*What do y [ ... ]

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(VAL/VER) Quality Control Proc...

Article: (VAL/VER) Quality Control Process by Neetu Choudhary

https://seir.sei.cmu.edu- Agenda
 Quality Control Overview
 Quality Objectives
 Scope of Process
 Process Decomposition
 Review M [ ... ]

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Improving Corrective Maintenan...

Original Article Reference    By Andrea De Lucia*, Aldo Persico°, Eugenio Pompella°, Silvio Stefanucci* This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view i [ ... ]

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Combining Critical Chain Plann...

Original Article Reference   Author Biography    Eduardo Miranda is a Program Director at Ericsson Research Canada and an industrial researcher affiliated with the Research Laboratory in Soft [ ... ]

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Why Project Delivery Estimatio...

Original Article Reference   What is Project Delivery Estimation?    At the outset of project plan, senior management or customer is always asked to come up with an answer of the most inadequat [ ... ]

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How to conduct Requirements Ma...

Published by  on August 6, 2013 | by Rajendra Khare (MD)
DQS Certification India Private Limited
The purpose of Requirements Management (REQM) is to manage requirements o [ ... ]

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Dare to use DAR beyond CMMI® t...

Original Article Reference   The author Sunil V Tadwalkar “Improved decision making is the top benefit
sought by companies when they implement
enterprise solutions” Today’s world of informati [ ... ]

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By Dr. Reena Dadhich and Ujala Chauhan  ABSTRACT CMMI defines the practices that are specially implemented by software development businesses to achieve success. Practices includes topics that direc [ ... ]

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The CMMI RSKM Process Area as ...

  by Ray C. Williams. Abstract. In this position paper, the author asserts that all existing risk management standards promulgate compliance with the opinions held by a small sub-community of risk  [ ... ]

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Integrated Project Management ...

Original Article Reference By Wibas Summary The purpose of Integrated Project Management (IPM) (CMMI-DEV) is to establish and manage the project and the involvement of relevant stakeholders [ ... ]

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What is Integrated Project Man...

Original Article Reference   By Rajendra Khare   Integrated Project Management (IPM) is a Process Area at CMMI Maturity Level 3 under Project Management category. Integrated Project Manageme [ ... ]

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The Essentials of Skill-Based ...

Original Article Reference   By Bruce R. Duncil, PE, CSQE © July, 2002 1 ISD, Inc. Effective training of the personnel performing development and management activities are integral to the success [ ... ]

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What is Organizational Process...

Original Article Reference  By Rajendra Khare Organizational Process Focus (OPF) is CMMI Maturity Level 3 Process Area under the Process Management category. It helps in the planning of the proc [ ... ]

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Organizational Process Focus (...

Original Article Reference By Wibas Summary The purpose of Organizational Process Focus (OPF) (CMMI-DEV) is to plan, implement, and deploy organizational process improvements based on a tho [ ... ]

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What’s the difference between ...

Original Article Reference [Dear Readers, for the past several months, our good friend Pat O’Toole, CMMI expert and seasoned consultant, has been collaborating with us on a monthly series of CMMI-r [ ... ]

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Validation (VAL)

Original Article Reference   An Engineering Process Area at Maturity Level 3 Purpose The purpose of Validation (VAL) is to demonstrate that a product or product component fulfills its intended us [ ... ]

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Verification (VER) (CMMI-DEV)

Original Article Reference    By Wibas Summary The purpose of Verification (VER) (CMMI-DEV) is to ensure that selected work products meet their specified requirements. Description Introductory [ ... ]

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In terms of CMMI what is the d...

  In general we refer to the Verification as a Review activity and Validation as Test activity. But if we talk about CMMI then these terms have slightly different meaning. From CMMI-Dev V1.3 Model: [ ... ]

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Engineering (CMMI-DEV)

Original Article Reference By Wibas Summary The Engineering (CMMI-DEV) process areas cover the development and maintenance activities that are shared across engineering discipline [ ... ]

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CMMI V1.3: The CMMI Product an...

Original Article Reference   By Ben Linders   In a first posting on the CMMI roadmaps for CMMI V1.3, I described how the project roadmap has been improved to deliver an even better result. I [ ... ]

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Requirements Development (RD) ...

Original Article Reference By Wibas Summary The purpose of Requirements Development (RD) (CMMI-DEV) is to elicit, analyze, and establish customer, product, and product component requirements. [ ... ]

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How to do Product Integration ...

Original Article Reference   By Rajendra Khare Product Integration (PI) is a Process Area at CMMI Maturity Level 3 under Engineering category. Product Integration (PI) helps in the assembling of [ ... ]

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Software Product Engineering ...

Original Article Reference   Software Product Engineering Key Process Area Mapping     Author: Ron Lachell Date: February 10, 2003 Revision Date: February 20, 2003 Table of Contents P [ ... ]

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Implementing Practical Configu...

Original Article Reference   by Harsha Chakravarti   In today’s world, there are many software applications and hardware components created, to meet multiple needs of multiple organizat [ ... ]

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Original Article Reference   1 ABSTRACT  Now more than ever, companies want to deliver faster, better and cheaper products. Last years, Some Industry best practices have started to emerge to help [ ... ]

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