CMMI V 2.0 Assessments

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Types of CMMI Appraisals

The CMMI V2.0 Appraisal Method Definition Document describes four types of CMMI V2.0 Appraisals: Benchmark, Sustainment, Evaluation, and Action Plan Reappraisal.

Each type is designed to result in findings that describe the strengths and weaknesses of your organization's processes based on CMMI best practices. Familiarity with each type will help you make better decisions about which appraisal is right for your organization to meet business objectives and foster process improvement.

  • Benchmark Appraisal

    Identify opportunities for organizations to improve how they implement processes and their overall business performance.

  • Sustainment Appraisal

    Appraisal “check-up” that can be done following a Benchmark Appraisal to determine if the organization is maintaining their appraisal level.

  • Action Plan Reappraisal

    A “second-chance” for organizations that narrowly failed to achieve their targeted appraisal level in a previous appraisal.

  • Evaluation Appraisal

    An informal and flexible approach used to help organizations prepare for an appraisal and determine opportunities for improvement.

    • Benchmark Appraisal

      Benchmark appraisals identify opportunities for improving both process implementation and business performance. The emphasis is on a rigorous method capable of achieving high accuracy and reliable appraisal results. This appraisal requires a CMMI Certified Lead Appraiser to manage the appraisal team at the organization’s site.

      Team SizeCoverage ScopeRatingsValidityCosts
      4+ High, coverage of full OU and Model scope. Yes 3 years Highest commitment of people, time, and cost.

      Sustainment Appraisal

      A Sustainment appraisal provides organizations with a more frequent insight and validation of their performance improvement with a reduced scope and impact on the appraised organization. To maintain the previous benchmark appraisal rating validity, a sustainment appraisal must be completed and accepted before the benchmark appraisal validity period ends.

      Team SizeCoverage ScopeRatingsValidityCosts
      2+ High, coverage of full OU and subset of the Benchmark scope. Yes 2 years Reduced commitment of people, time, and cost.

      Action Plan Reappraisal

      An Action Plan Reappraisal may be conducted following a Benchmark or Sustainment appraisal that narrowly fails to achieve the target maturity level or capability level profile.

      Team SizeCoverage ScopeRatingsValidityCosts
      Same as the prior appraisal High, based on requirements of the previous Benchmark appraisal score. Same as the prior appraisal Same as the prior appraisal Adds to cost and duration of prior appraisal.

      Evaluation Appraisal

      Often used as part of an improvement effort to gauge progress and prepare for an eventual Benchmark appraisal, evaluation appraisals do not produce ratings. The primary intent of Evaluation appraisals is a flexible, less formal approach to determine opportunities for process or performance improvement. It requires fewer activities than a Benchmark appraisal, and helps an organization to understand, with a relatively high degree of confidence, its progress toward a target CMMI maturity level or target capability level profile.

      Team SizeCoverage ScopeRatingsValidityCosts
      1+ Varies, tailoring options selected determine the breadth and depth of the review. No Does not apply Dependent on the data collection approach.

      CMMI Certified Lead Appraisers can be consulted as to the value of each type of appraisal. Action Plan Reappraisals must be completed within 4 months of the end of the prior appraisal. 

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