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Our values define who we are and are listed below:

  • Client success: Our business is to aid our clients in achieving their success stories. Our actions contribute to the success of our clients.
  • Relationships: We value mutually beneficial relationships between Demix (and our staff), our clients and our partners.
  • Strength in diversity: Our diverse and global representation provides us with the capability and capacity that is immensely powerful. Demix = Σ Swiss Quality + German Precision + Chinese Production + American Commerce + English Professionalism + African Spirit + Australian Attitude.
  • Honesty in conduct: We operate openly and honestly with each other, our partners and clients.
  • Ubuntu (valuing people): We use Ubuntu since there is no western equivalent. It evolved from Southern African tribes and implies that you and other people are how they see you and you see them. We value people.
  • Sustainability: is another aspect that is important to us. For Demix an environment policy is as described in Wikipedia "any [course of] action deliberately taken [or not taken] to manage human activities with a view to prevent, reduce, or mitigate harmful effects on nature and natural resources, and ensuring that man-made changes to the environment do not have harmful effects on humans."

Demix Values Small



  • Helped train thousands of people on CMMI for Services, CMMI for Development, and CMMI for Acquisition and People CMM.
  • Conducted four of the largest CMMI SCAMPI appraisals in the world.
  • Participated collectively in more than 200+ appraisals globally. 100% Unique Content


In support of the goal of creating a sustainable future, we aim to take action to support its harmonization with the environment and wider ecosystems. This is achieved through....

  • Awareness: create awareness of environmental issues by adding relevant information to all its emails, website and publications.
  • Recycling: actively promote recycling within its business environment.
  • Purchasing: consider business transactions and favor environmentally friendly options such as renewable energy.
  • Work-life balance: work towards and promote work- life balance.


Please note that Demix (Pty) Ltd ( based in South Africa and Demix Global Information Technology Ltd ( based in Hong Kong are the only official CMMI Institute Partner organisations operating within China. Demix (Pty) Ltd and Demix Global Information Technology are operating at arm’s length with any company in China that may refer to themselves as Demix. There are no contractual control, managerial control, or financial control that Demix (Pty) Ltd or Demix Global Information Technology exercise over any such company in China that may refer to themselves as Demix.

请注意,位于南非的Demix(Pty)Ltd(和位于香港的Demix全球信息技术有限公司(是在中国境内运营的唯一官方CMMI研究所合作伙伴组织。 Demix(Pty)Ltd和Demix Global Information Technology与中国任何一家可能称为Demix的公司合作经营。德米克斯全球信息技术或Demix(Pty)有限公司没有合同控制,管理控制或财务控制权,可以对在中国可能自称为Demix的任何此类公司进行行使。


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