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Barfoo Software achieves CMMI Dev Maturity Level 5 rating

Created: Wednesday, 16 September 2015 06:13



By Dr Pieter van Zyl

It is not every day that a company achieves maturity level 5, the highest maturity level rating of the (Capability Maturity Model Integration). This September, Guangzhou Barfoo Software Co., Ltd, was one of the few elite companies achieving this prestigious honour.


So what does this mean? Simply put, Barfoo is able to proactively manage and improve its business processes performance to meet its business objectives. These performance targets are achieved by iteratively analysing aggregated project data, identifying gaps in performance against the business objectives, and selecting and deploying improvements to close the gaps.

But this is not all, at the project level, the company employs quantitative methods to predict and manage the quality of the software product delivered. It also uses quantitative methods to predict and manage schedule variances.

The company has more than 30 patents and has reached the top echelons of government for its services. It is now looking at expanding further into the commercial market. It is not the achievement of the level itself, but the demonstrated capability the company has developed to optimise itself, which is significant. The maturity level 5 is simply an indication of this demonstrated capability as well as its quantitative project management capability.

Indeed, congratulations Barfoo Software on this magnificent achievement.

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