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Demix Update February 2018
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Contributions for February newsletter:   

Submit your article about CM *Configuration Management for next month's Demix Update Issue. Congratulations to Prahmode Kumar Aubeeluck who had most views for their January 2018 article entitled Project Management Framework with reference to PMBOK (PMI).

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Special Noticed Presentations and Articles

Article: (MCM) MCM for Compliance © Demix 2017 by Dr. Pieter van Zyl

What will you tell your board, if they ask how strong your compliance function is?

Use the MCM for Compliance © Demix 2017 to appraise the strength of your compliance function.

The model covers three tiers of best practices

·        GACP:  Is the Compliance Institute Southern Africa’s Generally Accepted Compliance Practice framework.

·         QAR: Additional Quality Assurance Review practices focusing on efficiency and effectiveness.

·         Capability and Maturity: Building, structuring and extending the GACP and QAR best practices into a Capability Maturity Model architecture.

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Articles - PPQA

PPQA *Process and Product Quality Assurance
Presentation: (PPQA) Is There Such a Thing as a Dumb Question?
The art and science of effective PPQA by Mark Janning .

https://seir.sei.cmu.edu: Topics
* Introductions
* Story time (Thrivent’s PPQA Story)
* Musings About Questions
* Who (Leveraging Great People)
* What (Designing Great Questions)
* How (Using Great Mechanisms)
* Why (Anticipated and Realized Results)
* Lessons Learned
* Q & A

Presentation: (PPQA) PPQA – Going Beyond “Checking the Box” by Tim Taylor and Kim Genberg.

https://seir.sei.cmu.edu: Introduction
Do you want to just go through the motions of PPQA or do you truly want to leverage PPQA?
Recognize the true value of PPQA
– Look beyond the traditional use of PPQA
– Realize the benefits of PPQA in Value Added QA activities by forging a partnership with the organization and its projects rather than just being the compliance police:
 Become a trusted advisor
 Support the opportunity for effective knowledge transfer
 Provide value added analysis
Presentation: (PPQA) Blending Inspections with Agile - What's in it? by Radhika G Janardanan & Mukesh Jain.

https://seir.sei.cmu.edu: Agenda

*What is Inspection?
*Defect Detection - Comparison
*Case study
*Integrating inspections with Agile
*Integration with other Processes
Presentation: (PPQA) How a Strong and Principled PPQA Overcomes Acute Challenges to Process Improvement by Sally Hannington & David Fulcher.

https://seir.sei.cmu.edu: Issues
• Widespread suspicion of process
• No record of success in organisation process maturity, previous attempts to introduce process maturity were of limited success
• Naive approach to process deployment, expecting published processes to be followed instinctively
• Meeting delivery dates valued more than project process quality, despite the cost of fixing defects
• Inexperienced sponsors
• Fire fighters rewarded
• Few process or quality skills in the organisation
• Outsource taking place
Article: (CMMI) Which CMMI® Institute Model Will Take Your Organization to the Next Level? by CMMI Institute
www.cmmiinstitute.com - Discover Which CMMI® Institute Model Will Take Your Organization to the Next Level!

CMMI Institute models help identify and improve the key capabilities that elevate your organization's performance, quality, and profitability. Many times in business, the problem or solution is not so obvious. With proven best practices, CMMI Institute models allow you to see how your organization's existing processes measure up and where performance improvements are needed. The result? 
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