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(IMP) - Process management (PCM), Managing performance and measurement (MPM) & Process asset development (PAD)

Improving Performance (IMP)

Process Management  (PCM)
Manages and implements the continuous improvement of processes and infrastructure to:

  • Support and accomplishing business objectives
  • Identify and implement the most beneficial process improvements
  • Make the results of process improvement visible, accessible, and sustainable

Process Asset Development (PAD)
Develop and keep updated the process assets necessary to perform the work.

Provides a capability to understand and repeat successful performance

Managing Performance & Measurements (MPM)
Manage performance using measurement and analysis to achieve business objectives

Maximizes business return on investment by focusing and improvement efforts on cost, schedule, and quality performance management 

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Agile - (IMP) - Process management (PCM), Managing performance and measurement (MPM) & Process asset development (PAD)

Article: Process improvement, The Agile Way! by Ben Linders.


Business needs for process improvement projects are changing. Organisations expect faster results from their investments; they want their improvement projects to adapt to and follow changing business needs and be more engrained with the organizational way of working. The agile way of working, used more and more in software development, contains several mechanism that support these business needs. So the question is: Could a process improvement project be performed in an agile way and what would be the benefits?

In this paper I start by looking back to my first software development project. I managed that project in a way that would now be called agile, to be able to meet the needs of my customer and of the organization. Next I'll give a brief description of process improvement, and of agile; just the basics needed to understand how they can be melted into an agile process improvement approach. Then I'll go into the reasons to do it process improvement in an agile way, and the benefits that can be expected from it. I will discuss a distributed process improvement project that has been managed in an agile way, to share the learnings and benefits. Finally I'll describe some "golden rules" that help to improve agile working along the way, and to become even more effective in it.

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Management - (IMP) - Process management (PCM), Managing performance and measurement (MPM) & Process asset development (PAD)

Article:  Performance Improvement Plan by Valamis.



After an employee receives a poor performance review, management can give him a final chance to step up his game through a performance improvement plan (PIP or sometimes also called a performance action plan).

A performance improvement plan provides the employee with clear objectives to meet to avoid dismissal, demotion, or transfer.


What is a Performance improvement plan?
The purpose and benefits of a performance improvement plan
Performance improvement plan examples
How to write a performance improvement plan
How to respond to a performance improvement plan
How to survive a performance improvement plan

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Organizational change - (IMP) - Process management (PCM), Managing performance and measurement (MPM) & Process asset development (PAD)

Article: Ways to Improve Work Performance by Valamis.


In this article, you will learn the top 3 ways how to immediately improve your work performance and reach a higher quality of output.

We also collected other 18 proven ways that you can use to boost your performance.

For leaders, we collected 9 tips on how they can help you become a lot more productive, check it out, and share it with your supervisor or HR team.

At the end, you will find 7 great books that are definitely worth a read if you desire to take your work efforts to a whole new level.



  • Top 3 ways to improve work performance:

1. Limit distractions
2. Split your tasks into milestones
3. Stop multitasking, prioritize your work


  • Other 18 areas of improvement at work

  • 9 Tips how an organization can help you improve performance

  • 7 Books to read about work performance

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Process - (IMP) - Process management (PCM), Managing performance and measurement (MPM) & Process asset development (PAD)

Article:  6 Steps to Improve Your Organization's Performance by Rosanna Nadeau.


Grow your company from within.

  • When searching for ways to improve your organization, in many situations, the best place to start is from within.
  • When executed properly, improvements within your company can be beneficial for driving performance and encouraging employee progress.
  • Be engaging, learn the metrics, utilize training methods and place a focus on the business; all of these are simple ways to improve your organization.

Organizational improvements are an ongoing process, and each organization has its own specific needs; however, there are common improvements that are necessary for many organizations on an ongoing basis, including:

  • Strategy and mission: Changes in strategy and mission are often difficult to map out, but, as a business owner, you need to continually monitor how well – or if – your organization is meeting your mission, and you need to be prepared to change strategies if needed.
  • Organizational structure: This concerns the roles, objectives, and responsibilities of individuals, departments, and teams. Structures change, some are relatively minor, while some such as mergers are considered extreme and intense.
  • People: Organizational improvements in regards to personnel consist of turnover, hiring, training and other changes that will be beneficial for the organization.
  • Knowledge: Changes/improvements to the knowledge of an organization is critical for process, progress and initiative.

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Technology - (IMP) - Process management (PCM), Managing performance and measurement (MPM) & Process asset development (PAD)



Formal performance management programs have been around since the Industrial Revolution. In those days, the manager of a manufacturing plant would set a quota and give his subordinates annual goals. Those subordinates will give goals to their subordinates and those goals will trickle down as annual quotas for frontline employees. Work has changed substantially since that era, but annual performance reviews are largely the same.

Today, technology is knocking down the old methods to make room for an updated and more effective method to improve employee performance. Unfortunately, many government agencies are lagging behind. Their current systems are often paper-and-pencil based and don’t always focus on improving employee skill sets, achieving the agency’s mission or developing future leaders.

To meet the demands of the ever-changing performance management landscape in government, agencies must stay up-to-date with cutting-edge best practices and solutions. If you’re still completing employee performance reviews with a pencil, here’s a jumping-off point to get you caught up.
The Power of Tech in Performance Management
Using an advanced performance management system, employee and agency goals have a better chance of success; best practices can be implemented successfully; and they allow the entire process to be managed more efficiently.

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