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(PMW) Planning and Managing Work - (EST) Estimating, - (PLAN) Planning, - (MC) Monitor and Control

(PMW) Planning and Managing Work
This CA  involves determining the amount of work that needs to be done, planning and scheduling of the work, and then ensuring the work is being done in accordance with the plans and schedules. It also ensures that resources are adequate to meet the plan and schedule.

(EST) Estimating
Includes forecasting the effort, size, and cost for the work required to develop, acquire, or deliver the solution. 

(PLAN) Planning

  • Using the estimates to develop a work plan, schedule, and budget
  • Determining the necessary resources to accomplish the plan within schedule and budget
  • Obtaining commitment to the work plan from stakeholders 

(MC) Monitor and Control
Provides an understanding of progress so appropriate corrective actions can be taken when performance deviates significantly from the plan, schedule, and budget

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Agile - (PMW) Planning and Managing Work - (EST) Estimating, - (PLAN) Planning, - (MC) Monitor and Control

Article: Agile Planning: The Best Of Two Worlds by Digité.


Overview on Agile Planning
Agile Planning. It sounds like a paradox, doesn’t it? Planning involves setting boundaries, creating checklists, determining delivery dates, and following a step-by-step process, doesn’t it?

But Agile, isn’t that all about people doing their own thing? Many people think of traditional planning as the musical equivalent of a disciplined classical orchestra and Agile Planning as the free-form chaos of jazz.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

This article will explain why Agile thinking and planning are not exclusive and can work together powerfully for your business.

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Management - (PMW) Planning and Managing Work - (EST) Estimating, - (PLAN) Planning, - (MC) Monitor and Control

Article: Workforce Planning by Valamis.


Taking the time to plan and make decisions as part of a broader strategy improves every aspect of your business, including your workforce. Despite the size or type of company, workforce planning is a valuable HR process that ensures you have the staff to execute your business strategy.

Learn what workforce planning is, how it helps with goals and produces positive outcomes, the benefits it can offer, five key steps in workforce planning, and what it looks like in practice.


  • What is workforce planning?

  • Primary workforce planning criteria

  • The goal of workforce planning

  • How workforce planning affects HR processes

  • The benefits of workforce planning

  • The five core workforce planning steps

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Organizational change - (PMW) Planning and Managing Work - (EST) Estimating, - (PLAN) Planning, - (MC) Monitor and Control

Article: Understanding Project Monitoring and Control by Lucy Brown.


As evident from the title itself, it’s a process that tracks the actual project performance with the planned Project Management activities. The monitor and control process is a control function that takes place at all stages of the project – from Initiation through Closing. The key benefit of this process is that it allows the stakeholders to understand the current state of the project, the steps taken, and the budget, schedule, and scope forecasts.

Monitor And Control Process
Through the process of monitor and control, the project manager must be in a position to balance the requirements that arise from different knowledge areas. For example, the project manager can undergo situations, where a project is completed on time, but, has failed to meet the quality standards mentioned in the Project Management plan. Likewise, the project might have a significant scope, but unfortunately, it has exceeded the time and cost limit. Hence, the process of monitoring and controlling project work is considered extremely important.

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Process - (PMW) Planning and Managing Work - (EST) Estimating, - (PLAN) Planning, - (MC) Monitor and Control

Article: The Importance of Planning in an Organization by Brian Hill


Planning helps an organization chart a course for the achievement of its goals. The process begins with reviewing the current operations of the organization and identifying what needs to be improved operationally in the upcoming year. From there, planning involves envisioning the results the organization wants to achieve and determining the steps necessary to arrive at the intended destination – success, whether that is measured in financial terms, or goals that include being the highest-rated organization in customer satisfaction.

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Technology - (PMW) Planning and Managing Work - (EST) Estimating, - (PLAN) Planning, - (MC) Monitor and Control
Article: Why Do We Spend All That Time Searching for Information at Work? by Valamis.


One enterprise can own millions of videos, presentations, documents and other forms of information from different data sources. But is it easy to find what you are looking for from that mass of data?

And what about structuring and categorizing the data? If your company has 10,000 hours of video, it’s not really realistic for people to carefully go through and categorize that amount of content. The videos are searchable only by the titles and short descriptions, and the actual video content remains out of reach for the search engine.

According to a McKinsey report, employees spend 1.8 hours every day searching and gathering information. On average, that’s 9.3 hours per week!

Current enterprise search solutions lack efficiency and end up wasting hours of precious time.

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